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10 Lessons You Learn as a Fashion Student

When someone spends more time of the day reading fashion magazines, blogs and articles, and fashion becomes a part of your life-that’s just a hint that you are born to work for the fashion industry. Thus once you decide on your career ahead as a fashion designer, you just have to opt for the right place from where to start. Which fashion designing schools to attend, which is the best college for fashion designing, all these has to be taken under consideration since every fashion institute in India is different from the other.

Once you get through the admired school or college, the next step is to expand the creative knowledge and skill. However the basic 10 things that a fashion student learns from the first day he starts taking up his lessons, are as follows-

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1. Not to mess with the trending fashions- trending fashion keeps changing with every season. Thus keeping up with the ongoing trending styles and innovating latest designs with shades of colors and texture, initially seems safer when it comes to fresher’s.

2. Just draping around is not meant for ace designers- draping can often turn out to be more complicated unlike our daily lives. Styling outfits into a different way rather than just drooping them around is an intelligent way.

3. Using technical terms- using specific terms such as welted pockets, French seams or box pleats does make a difference when you are shopping for vintage items.

4. Knowing to sew is all about the basic.-handling the sewing machine not only saves time but also money.

5. Books will give you all the knowledge- in this age of digital technology, books have still turned out to be man’s best friend. Used as a technique or as reference or as a research guide, or just a way to get inspired.

6. Networking is very important- researches have shown that the successful designers in the industry have mostly had people backing them by eminent personalities. This is similar to any other business and not only fashion.

7. Stressing on presentation- fashion is presented as a visual industry. The small details matter as much as any important one and thus intricate attention should be given to presenting the materials.

8. Editing always does the magic- it can be either cleaning out the wardrobe, or even revision of a writing piece. Editing makes things more appropriate.

9. Acceptance of criticism- people learn from mistakes. Accepting the toughest of criticism and then finding out a way to use it, is a secret of producing a master piece.

10. A personal touch- some of us tend to stick to only a few colors-to mark the individuality. This particular sense of style can add a whole new dimension to the career perspective, leading to unimaginative opportunities.

Thus, sticking to these basic norms, can help an individual flourish in the industry, and enhance his or her creative skills in designing.

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