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Here are the latest eye-wear trends from around the world and we help you decide which ones to go for & why!

Go Big or Go Home!

  • The over-sized spectacles and shades have been in trend for long now. No matter what face cut you have, these glasses will never disappoint you! Apparently, they are turning into classics.
    This season they come with a twist; extended borders. They will give a peppy and chic look with that cute outfit of yours.eye glass

Exaggerating a bit

This spring your regular shades will be available with a little detail at the rim of the lenses. Floral, gems, geometric design- could be anything. A little something special for a special outfit.

eye glass modartdelhi

What Goes Around Becomes Square

Your regular round shaped glasses are irreplaceable, but this year square lenses have made an entry and looks like they are here to stay.
If you thought only men could pull off the square shades, well, here’s your chance to flaunt them.
No need to steal your man’s shades anymore!
eye glass modart

eye glass1


Need I say anything? You know they are classics! Aviators with plain shaded lenses or with reflectors, always look great and compliment you with any outfit you wear.
eye glass Aviators

Rim or No Rim?

2016 has come up with a few options. Plastic rims have been introduced and caught up attention real quick! They look great and are perfect for your casual or semi-formal hangouts! On the other hand, rimless shades have also made themselves available in the market. They add to the classy, elegant yet chic look.
eye glass 2016

Play the Game

Your regular shades with quirky frames.. sounds creative, right? Well, give it a try! Some really interesting designs have been made this season to give the fashion-istas a new accessory. This one is for you fashion-obsessed-people out there.

2016 eye wearglass

Words: Tanya Saggi

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