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5 Contemporary Fashion Trends Inspired by Movies

As a fashion institute based in Delhi, we’ve been studying the evolution of fashion trends for quite some time. Different styles come and go, but one thing never changes- the influence of movies and celebrities on trends.

For anybody looking to be a fashion designer, it is a good exercise to take study how and why movies seemed to spark off different trends. Here’s a list of recent fashion styles popularized by movies

1) The ‘Dabaang’ Aviator

Sallu Bhai has been responsible for kickstarting many a fashion style over his illustrious career. Perhaps the most recent one was the dashing Aviators he sported in the Dabaang series. Suddenly, the boy next door could be spotted wearing them!


While Ray-Ban must be blessing their fortune for this stroke of luck, this was not the first time their sales skyrocketed after a movie.

Remember Maverick from Top Gun?

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Although on that occasion, the aviators were no coincidence. It was a result of a deliberate agreement between the studio and Ray-Ban that led to a 40% increase in sale over the next 5 months of the movie!

2) Jab We Met’s Long T-Shirt with Patiala

There was something magical about Bebo in Jab We Met. She was no longer the glamorous diva that we had come to expect; instead, she had been transformed into the simple yet pretty girl in your class with a vivacious personality, and her simple yet elegant attire was an important part of that role.

Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met

The style instantly became rage among youngsters.

3) Robert Downey Jr.’s Beart

Billionaire, Genius, Playboy, Philanthropist. For a while, Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. could do no wrong (perhaps that time extends even till today). Women swooned over his uber-confident and suave look, while men tried to imitate his super-smooth style of dialogue delivery. Something’s are inimitable, but thankfully, something’s aren’t. Like a beard style:

robert downey junior

Bollywood had its very own bearded playboy in the 90’s, although sporting a slightly different look

Aamir Khan in DCH

4) Aamir Khan’s Hairstyle in Ghajini

Staying on the topic of Aamir Khan, who can forget this iconic hairstyle from Ghajini!

Aamir Khan Ghajini

Despite the extreme nature of the hair style, (it’s difficult to imagine people walking into class or office with that on their head), variations of it did become popular among young men.

What helped was that whenever you went to any multiplex around the time of the release, you would find yourself being served by staff that had the Ghajini haircut!

Theatre Staff Ghajini Haircut

5) Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen literally oozes glamour and style, and no wear was this more evident than in ‘Main Hoon Na’. Like Shah Rukh Khan, we all felt like going to our knees whenever she made her entry in her vibrantly coloured saree and backless blouse. That matching file cover was a bonus!

Sushmita Sen Main Hoon Na

Our next post will look farther in time and point out fashion trends from yesteryear that were inspired by movies.

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