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Fashion Trends Sparked Off by Movies Pre-1990

glittering gowns

Fashion trends during the 80’s were bold, colourful and outrageous. Those who grew up during this era would definitely remember the fashion trends which emerged during that age. Of these some stuck around, while others were put in the closet afterward. Have a look at the fashion […]

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5 Contemporary Fashion Trends Inspired by Movies

As a fashion institute based in Delhi, we’ve been studying the evolution of fashion trends for quite some time. Different styles come and go, but one thing never changes- the influence of movies and celebrities on trends. For anybody looking to be a fashion designer, it is […]

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The stories behind Famous Fashion Brands- Part II

the chanel suit

In our previous post, we covered 3 stories of how famous fashion brands reached the pinnacle of their success. Today, we conclude the series by detailing two other stories, namely those of Tommy Hilfiger and Coco Chanel. 4) Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hill, the founder of Tommy Hilfiger, […]

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Did you know the stories behind these Famous Brands?


Many fashion brands have become an integral part of our life, forming a part of our hopes and aspirations as well as our disappointments. But few of us know the inner stories of how these brands became cultural powerhouses. In a two-part series, VIDM will explore the […]

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5 Indian Celebrities and their Wedding Day Fashion

gul panag

  Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding. We decided to help them a little by taking a peek over at tinsel down After all, we often look to our pop culture icons for our fashion inspiration. Over the decades, celebrities have driven […]

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This is One of the Most Overlooked Parts of Interior Design

featured image

Through years of experience with running an interior designing institute in Delhi, we’ve often interacted with people looking to touch up their home. Even without having done an interior designing course in Delhi or elsewhere, most homeowners are quite opinionated about what they want their houses to […]

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The 10 most Ridiculous Fashion Trends Ever

Not sure what he was thinking

1) Sagging Pants Seriously, how can anybody think they would look good or cool while doing this? Guys, there isn’t a fine line, but an actual wall between low-hanging comfortable jeans and indecent exposure. Just ask the residents of New Jersey, where this has actually been banned. […]

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No, a Job and a Career are not the Same Thing

Jobs vs Career

Here at VIDM, we interact with a lot of starry-eyed students with big dreams about their life after college. A consistent confusion that we’ve noticed in their mind, is that they think jobs and careers are the same. They’re not. A full-time job is not necessarily a […]

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This is the Most Important Part of Interior Design

feature image

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful home. The space you live in affects your life, so obsessing over the little details is important. With the advent of the Internet, everybody can now become an interior designer. And the most important part of interior design is furniture. […]

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How Important is it to Love your Job ?

Happy at work

We spend almost one-third of your adult life working a full-time job. Many adults spend the weekend recovering from the week’s travails. Also, what you do during the remainder of your time depends upon what you do during work? Want a good night’s sleep? You need to […]

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