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Mitigating the Disadvantages of a High-Ceiling

caulking like a boss

If you search for latest interior design, you’re sure to come to encounter a lot of false ceiling designs ideas- the latest rage in modern interior designs. In the previous article, we created an infographic to help you choose between a false ceiling and a high ceiling. […]

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Interior Design Dilemmas: False Ceilings vs High Ceilings

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Anyone who likes to expend effort into making a beautiful home must have come across false ceiling design ideas. False ceilings have been trending for over a decade now, always being referred to as the latest interior design trend. However, high ceilings have several benefits of their […]

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High Heels Make Women More Attractive

High Heels Make Women More Attractive

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe The next time you go to a party, or a night club, take a look around at all the shoes women is wearing. You’ll find a substantial number of them wearing high […]

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What is Recycled Fashion?

Elaborate forms of Ethical fashion

Millions of tons of textiles are produced every year, a number that increases every year. A significant percentage of the clothes produced from these textiles are thrown away, with the average American disposing of 65 pounds of clothing per year. Not only are some of these clothes […]

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What does it Really Mean to Work Full Time ?

What does it really mean to work full-time

A full-time job is any work that requires you to put in at least 40 hours a week. In return, you get a better salary, a token of stability and benefits like health insurance. In India, the full-time job has for many, been the end-goal of life, […]

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How to Choose a Career to get the Lifestyle You Want ?

How to choose a career to get the lifestyle you want

One of the results of India’s economic growth is an entire generation of youngsters entering the workforce with a more optimistic outlook on life. Increasingly, the question on their minds is, “How can I work and still lead a life worth living?” It’s a pertinent question. Work […]

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Best Colour for Different Skin Tones

The color or texture of clothes you wear influences your complexion. Although, there is an extensive category of skin tones, it is an easier way to categorize them into cool and warm. Cool complexions; usually tend to have a pinkish undertone, whereas the warm complexion tends to […]

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Career in Interior Designing

The job of an interior designer is to improve the capacity, aesthetic and safety of the internal structure and spaces, considering different shades of colors, furniture, styles, lighting, texture, and the working out of spaces together in order to meet up to the requirements of the clients […]

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Fashion Education Is Important or Not?

Importance of fashion eduaction

For the first time you meet someone, the first few things you tend to notice are what shoes are they wearing, if the accessories are complimenting their clothes and if their purse is matching the outfit. People tend to arrive to conclusions about how the person is […]

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Common Fashion Mistakes

Common fashion mistakes

Not just by putting up the right make-up or by wearing the right clothes or just by accessorizing rightly you become the show stopper-being well aware of the fashion mistakes and not committing them, is another way of maintaining their style statement. Putting everything together, and carrying […]

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