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Make the most of DIY Home Design


Everyone gets tired and bored of the space they live in daily. They cannot decide whether they want to redecorate, repaint or move. Rather than spending money on a professional, why not opt for a DIY home design? From reupholstering furniture pieces using old curtains to wallpapering […]

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Why it is Important to have the Right Curtains in your Room?

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs The above quote is also true for interior design. Great interior design means, quite simply, that you enjoy the experience of living somewhere! Thus functionality becomes as important […]

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This is the Most Important Part of Interior Design

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Everybody wants to live in a beautiful home. The space you live in affects your life, so obsessing over the little details is important. With the advent of the Internet, everybody can now become an interior designer. And the most important part of interior design is furniture. […]

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Mitigating the Disadvantages of a High-Ceiling

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If you search for latest interior design, you’re sure to come to encounter a lot of false ceiling designs ideas- the latest rage in modern interior designs. In the previous article, we created an infographic to help you choose between a false ceiling and a high ceiling. […]

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Interior Design Dilemmas: False Ceilings vs High Ceilings

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Anyone who likes to expend effort into making a beautiful home must have come across false ceiling design ideas. False ceilings have been trending for over a decade now, always being referred to as the latest interior design trend. However, high ceilings have several benefits of their […]

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Career in Interior Designing

The job of an interior designer is to improve the capacity, aesthetic and safety of the internal structure and spaces, considering different shades of colors, furniture, styles, lighting, texture, and the working out of spaces together in order to meet up to the requirements of the clients […]

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Interior Design: Trends and Courses

Interior Design

Style is not for the ramp alone. Fashionable colors and prints find their place in the world of interior design too. The trend 2015 Modern trends in home décor feature classy luxury and out-of-box creativity. They are more into creating a serene ambience that appears closer to […]

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Smart Tips For DIY Home Décor

Home décor is a fine blend of creativity, colors, and compassionate furniture arrangement. No hard and fast rules exist for decorating homes. Some of the top interior designers follow their intuition to create masterpieces of rooms. Yet, certain things can help you add the “wow” factor in […]

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