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2016 eye wearglass

Here are the latest eye-wear trends from around the world and we help you decide which ones to go for & why! Go Big or Go Home! The over-sized spectacles and shades have been in trend for long now. No matter what face cut you have, these […]

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For The Love of Black

For The Love of Black

The fashion industry’s fascination with black has often received a sort of cultish apprehension from spectators. Fashion designers, artists, anybody in the creative field for that matter, can’t seem to leave the color alone. Black is to designers what orange is to Hare Krishnas. A colour that […]

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Egyptian clothing was filled with variety of colors, vivid pattern and ornamentation; they were made for beauty as well as comfort. It was designed in a way that it kept people cool in the hot desert. Linen was the most common fabric which kept them comfortable, plant […]

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Look Good, Travel Better!

Summer time is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get your holiday spirit on! Choosing your dream destination is one part of the preparation, but choosing the right outfits to go along with it matters just as much! We have put together some of your basic […]

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Dress to Impress | Look Stylish in Different Work Environments

How to Look Stylish in Different Work Environments? A man dressed well shows he’s put together, has ambition, and aims for all that’s sky high in life. Work might tend to get a bit mundane at times. One way to keep your days interesting and creative at […]

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Know-How of A Man’s Wardrobe

Man’s Wardrobe

Every guy feels the rush of adrenaline when he finds something modish and classy in a shopping mall display window, which he senses, might do enough to make some female heads turn back. While the next thought in the mind could be to pick the piece and […]

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Dressing Up In A Tuxedo – Vidm Blog

Dressing Up In A Tuxedo

The term ‘Tuxedo’ is normally referred to some form of dinner jacket and was originated from North America. However, with passing time it has become more so popular all across the globe and calls for amalgamation with rich accessories to compliment its black or white bow tie […]

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Rahul and Rohit

The Fashion – Affair The sumptuous show of fashion was manifested in the Amazon India lifestyle Fashion week spring/ summer 16, organized by FDCI at NSIC Grounds, New Delhi. The five day spectacle witnessed 115 aced designers from the fashion industry, with 30 designers showcasing their collection […]

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Fall/ Winter 2015-16 Color Trends


When that first crisp and chilly breeze coaxes your face, you know that summer is bidding adieu and it’s time for winters. A walk across the canopy of gold and orange leaves is so bewitching and equally delightful are the delicious pies, waffles and hot chocolates. Perching […]

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High Heels Make Women More Attractive

High Heels Make Women More Attractive

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe The next time you go to a party, or a night club, take a look around at all the shoes women is wearing. You’ll find a substantial number of them wearing high […]

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