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2016 eye wearglass

Here are the latest eye-wear trends from around the world and we help you decide which ones to go for & why! Go Big or Go Home! The over-sized spectacles and shades have been in trend for long now. No matter what face cut you have, these […]

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Why it is Important to have the Right Curtains in your Room?

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs The above quote is also true for interior design. Great interior design means, quite simply, that you enjoy the experience of living somewhere! Thus functionality becomes as important […]

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Best Colour for Different Skin Tones

The color or texture of clothes you wear influences your complexion. Although, there is an extensive category of skin tones, it is an easier way to categorize them into cool and warm. Cool complexions; usually tend to have a pinkish undertone, whereas the warm complexion tends to […]

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Career in Interior Designing

The job of an interior designer is to improve the capacity, aesthetic and safety of the internal structure and spaces, considering different shades of colors, furniture, styles, lighting, texture, and the working out of spaces together in order to meet up to the requirements of the clients […]

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Summer Fashion Guide for College Fresher’s

Summer brings with it the days of dressing up, trying new styles and setting aside those high boots and furry jackets. With the rise in the temperature scale, staying fashionable as well as being comfortable is an absolute challenge. However most of us fail to cope up […]

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How to Take Care of Expensive Clothes

What you wear, is a reflection of your lifestyle. Although it is not always evident that expensive clothes are the best way to depict your love for fashion. There are people who can even go wrong with that! Buying the most expensive clothes, and taking up courses […]

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It’s Okay to Wear Bright Colors in Summer

Summer- that time of the year when people kick off their boots and get rid of the full-sleeved furry dresses. Summer is the time to let go. This transition of fashion can be really exciting and at times challenging for those who love the dark, thick clothes. […]

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Interior Design: Trends and Courses

Interior Design

Style is not for the ramp alone. Fashionable colors and prints find their place in the world of interior design too. The trend 2015 Modern trends in home décor feature classy luxury and out-of-box creativity. They are more into creating a serene ambience that appears closer to […]

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5 Style Upgrades for Modern Men

If you go for a job interview, you will be screened for various parameters. Your qualifications, work experience, attitude, communication skills, family background. And most importantly how the candidate is ‘packaged’. Ultimately that creates the first impression which, it is said, is the last impression. Clothes do […]

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The Indian Fashion Weeks

Feature Image

Talking of high priority fashion across India, cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Lucknow are hubs of fashion designing and manufacturing in the country. The Pride of Indian Fashion Industry The BMW India Bridal Fashion Week (IBFW) is regarded as the fashion event of the highest […]

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