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Egyptian clothing was filled with variety of colors, vivid pattern and ornamentation; they were made for beauty as well as comfort. It was designed in a way that it kept people cool in the hot desert. Linen was the most common fabric which kept them comfortable, plant […]

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Dress to Impress | Look Stylish in Different Work Environments

How to Look Stylish in Different Work Environments? A man dressed well shows he’s put together, has ambition, and aims for all that’s sky high in life. Work might tend to get a bit mundane at times. One way to keep your days interesting and creative at […]

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Taking Care of Your Shoes!

Taking Care of Your Shoes!

As I geared-up to write this post, my inspiration for the first few lines stopped at the lyrics of the famous song “Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn”, that read – Put on my blue suede shoes, And I boarded the plane, Touched down in the land […]

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Know-How of A Man’s Wardrobe

Man’s Wardrobe

Every guy feels the rush of adrenaline when he finds something modish and classy in a shopping mall display window, which he senses, might do enough to make some female heads turn back. While the next thought in the mind could be to pick the piece and […]

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Dressing Up In A Tuxedo – Vidm Blog

Dressing Up In A Tuxedo

The term ‘Tuxedo’ is normally referred to some form of dinner jacket and was originated from North America. However, with passing time it has become more so popular all across the globe and calls for amalgamation with rich accessories to compliment its black or white bow tie […]

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