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In the foothills of Himalayas, girdled by two major rivers Yamuna and Ganga, Dehradun is a city of aesthetic charm. It is steeped rich in culture and serving as the capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun gets its name from “Dera” (camp) “Dun” (valley) i.e the setting up of the camp by Guru Ram Rai.

The Skanda purana describes it as a part of the Kedar Khand, the abode of Lord Shiva. Guru Dronacharaya is said to have established his Gurukul (school) here , a forerunner of the educational hub that Dehradun is today.

Dehradun has an elegance of her own, alluring great thinkers like Guru Dronacharaya in ancient times, Guru Ram Rai in Mughal era and M.N Roy and Jawaharlal Nehru in most recent past.

Dehradun with its distinctive characteristic has the potency to elicit creative thought, hone innate talents and invigorate divergent thinking to the sow the seeds of successful artmanship and craftsmanship.


With over 30 years of close association with designing and crafting an assortment of attire generally and uniforms specifically for an array of schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie gives us an opportunity to ally with VIDM, New Delhi ( A leading institute of Design and Management ,rated among top 10 fashion schools of the world by HUES international)


As a fillip to the young and lucrative minds we endeavour to make meaningful product that not only exemplifies our lifestyle but enhances the ability to live it. We empower our children with the psychological bent of mind to think divergently and to use fashion to improve the way we live. We harp upon high quality education, professional and industrial relevant curriculum.


We lend a hand to colour the dreams of creative students into reality of glorious hues. VIDM Dehradun chapter envisages an assortment of skilled designers. Be it full time or part time students or housewives, VIDM Dehradun toils to provide a lucrative platform to every talent in relevant job avenues to justify and fully support its students’ dedication. Located in the heart of the city, VIDM Dehradun is easily approachable.

· The institute possesses an ideal infrastructure.

· Conducive learning milieu.

· Site visits, field trips, guest lectures, workshops and hands on experience with possible international exposure straight from the city of fashion , Paris adds a feather to its cap.

If you have a flair for it all, VIDM Dehradun is your ally to open the doors to wide career avenues ranging from Haute Couture, merchandize, export, fashion styling, to interiors, graphics…..

“Be the designer of your own Destiny”

~ Oscar De La Renta

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