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Dress to Impress | Look Stylish in Different Work Environments

How to Look Stylish in Different Work Environments?

A man dressed well shows he’s put together, has ambition, and aims for all that’s sky high in life. Work might tend to get a bit mundane at times. One way to keep your days interesting and creative at work is walking in with style. Dressing to impress every single day, no matter where you work, will always give you extra brownie points in your office environment. Nowadays, with a variety of jobs, you can dress to impress in various ways. Here’s how:

Working in a Corporate Environment:

If you’re always in the go attending business meetings, giving client presentations, or are required to be leading and managing, you must make sure to have a polished office look. The classiest combo is going with pastel colored linen shirts, tucked into khakhi pants, with coffee-crème Oxfords. Throwing on a jacket and a tie does well to pull off the professional look. Make sure you have a belt matching those shoes, and socks need to match the trousers or shoes. Last of all, always make certain that the entire ensemble is ironed well.

Working at a Start up:

You’re itching to slap on a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and Converse, since you’re the boss and can basically do what you want. By all means, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But implementing your own personal style to this otherwise drab outfit can be appealing for others. Either a suede jacket or a vest over that plain Tee can add a corporate touch. By throwing on a pair of loafers, rather than the stereotyped sneakers, you’re brimming with style. This look says you’re in charge, but still willing to discuss work over a couple of beers in the office.

Working on Location:

Jeans always seem to do the trick, with a comfortable loose cotton shirt, with rolled up sleeves. Minimal accessories, such as sunglasses and a Fedora can not only have you looking super stylish, but serve the purpose of being outdoors on a sunny day perhaps. You’re ready to be active on location, but still manage to look sharp through it all.

Working in a Creative Field:

You can afford to really play around with style if you work at a creative firm, sucha as in advertising, film, etc. The corporate look works for this, but you can have fun with it a bit more. Rather than a plain white linen shirt, mix it up with a brightly colored shirt, a plaid shirt, or a tie with some funky patterns. Keeping the rest of the outfit simple with dark wash jeans and maybe a watch still keeps the outfit on point.

Words: Arushi Dutt

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