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Dressing Up In A Tuxedo – Vidm Blog

The term ‘Tuxedo’ is normally referred to some form of dinner jacket and was originated from North America. However, with passing time it has become more so popular all across the globe and calls for amalgamation with rich accessories to compliment its black or white bow tie look.


If you are game for getting a stylish look with your Tuxedo, then wander no more, as we enlist all what you need…

Dressing Up In A Tuxedo


Believe it or not, but most of the women judge your style statement from the bottom (alright don’t get kinky). The refined and sharp tailored look of Tuxedo has to be matched with equally tasteful shoes. The lace-up style and the ‘slip-on’ type are the two types of shoes that suit the Tuxedo look perfectly. Make sure that you give a flawless shine to your shoes with a high gloss polish.



There are two best options, which are trademark to compliment your below the neck look i.e. wing collar shirts and flip collar shirts.  In a wing-collared shirt, the collars are folded down, to give the wing-tip look. On the other hand, the flip-over collar shirts are worn with cufflinks and pleats at the front. Flip over collars go well with a regular dress shirt as well. The only point to get a little itchy is that, wing collared shirts can be slightly uncomfortable to wear for longer events.



Not necessary, but are definitely the add-on that you could at-least peep into, as they can add a nice modish touch to the whole picture. Again, never try both of them together. Choose your best pick as per the occasion and if you really want to. Don’t try to endure these for the heck of it or looking different, for, you might not be able to do justice while walking if you don’t feel the aura of these with and in you.


Bow Ties

Something, which over the time is losing its space in the mix. Most of the people and celebs now prefer to wear a Tux without a bow tie. But, if you really want to use it then it has to be jet black in color and not more than 2.5 inches in breadth.


Cufflinks and Pocket Squares

Can we live without water? No we can’t! And so can’t Tuxedo’s without cufflinks. Since most of the shirts would have French cuffs the traditions silver-edge look on the wrists definitely is the way to march. In order to get that ultra-stylish look, wear a white silk pocket square in the chest pocket of your tuxedo.


Just like your car runs smoother when you do regular maintenance, your style will be smoother when you follow these Styling tips

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