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Fall/ Winter 2015-16 Color Trends

When that first crisp and chilly breeze coaxes your face, you know that summer is bidding adieu and it’s time for winters. A walk across the canopy of gold and orange leaves is so bewitching and equally delightful are the delicious pies, waffles and hot chocolates. Perching under the wide beautiful lazy blue-black sky in a warm over sized sweater and uggs with cold wind caressing your face, autumn is the perfect example of nature’s beauty to its finest. It is the time of the year when the glossy bright colors fade away to dusky winter versions. So here’s the cloud palette that grab everyone’s attention on the runway and would tyrannies this season.


1- The Sexy Marsala


Marsala was named the Pantone color of the year 2015. Embracing warmth and sophistication, marsala is a seductive hue. It is a versatile color that entices both men and women and it also dominated most of the designers’ collection. Flattering most of the color tones, marsala tone looks amazing on nails and lips. Exuding luxury, this color tone is warm and brings drama to your outfit. Pair a marsala high neck sweater with a black skirt or jeans and let your body ooze the glam factor in you.


2- The Organic Dried Her

dried herb

Dried herb tone has moved over the military and trekking dress and reached the runway. Yes, this chic color is elegant and gives healthy vibes. Also, it is included under the best 10 colors in the pantone list. The designer Ellie Saab has elaborated used dried herb color in his collection. A full sleeved A line dress or a jacket in this hue will make you fall head-over-heel this winters. Give your wardrobe a dramatic touch with olive green and khaki clothes.


3- The Exuberant Cadmium Orange


Declared the trendiest color of the season by Pantone, cadmium orange reminisces of the 70s. A playful color, it flatters all body type and age and bring an air of suaveness. It is gentle to eyes and emanates optimistic vibes. A striking and a soothing color, a cadmium orange hued trousers, maxi dress or a over coat would look modish this season.  Cadmium orange bag are a pair of pumps are the most coveted this season.

Have a happy and colorful winter with these pretty tints. 


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