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Fashion Trends Sparked Off by Movies Pre-1990

Fashion trends during the 80’s were bold, colourful and outrageous. Those who grew up during this era would definitely remember the fashion trends which emerged during that age. Of these some stuck around, while others were put in the closet afterward. Have a look at the fashion trends sparked off by films pre 1990- the good, bad as well as the ugly.

Jelly Shoes

Shoes made from PVC plastic were highly fashionable during the 80’s. These were affordable and were available in vibrant colours. Some of the top stars were seen wearing Jelly shoes in films.


Power Suits and Shoulder Pads

Nothing screamed power and money during the 80’s like possessing massive broad shoulders. As shoulder implants was not the norm, stars instead decided to pad their apparels. Hollywood actors wore power suits while actresses wore business attire and sweaters which offered them linebacker shoulders.


Power Suits and Shoulder Pads

Twirling Feather Boas And Glittering Gowns

The early 80’s indeed was heavily influenced largely by the western countries gangster culture. The cabaret singers in Bollywood films like Rekha and Parvin Babi were seen swaying in twirling feather boas and glittering gowns.

Glittering Gowns

Simple Salwar Kurtas

The 80’s also saw Bollywood actresses like Bhagyashri and Amrita Singh in simple salwar kurtas.

Simple Salwar Kurtas

Blouses with Covered Backs

This era also saw a smart trend in sari blouse designs worn by actresses such as Shabana Azmi and Rekha. These blouses had demure decent and short neck linesplunge and covered backs, and also possesed and three-fourth length sleeves. Such blouses became a rage amidst married women at that time.

Blouses with covered backs

Biker Jackets and Rugged Denims

The Bollywood heroes donned the rockstar appearance with typically swagger. love. Salman Khan was seen wearing this outfit in a number of films.

Biker jackets and rugged denims img

Varsity Jackets and Blazers

The biggest trend of this decade was indeed the prep revival as was seen in movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day off and The Breakfast Club with Vvarsity Jjackets, Bblazers and seersucker.

Varsity Jackets
Leg Warmers, Off Shoulder Sweatshirts and T-Shirts

When one thinks of the fashion of the 80’s they can immediately recall Jennifer Beals’ clothing in Flashdance- leg warmers, off shoulder sweatshirts and torn t-shirts. In fact this became the female gender’s uniform during the 80’s.

Leg warmers, off shoulder sweatshirts and t-shirts

The avant-garde and ultra-fashionable pop star Madonna made fashion waves during the 1980’s . The fashion in the 80’s created waves with the controversial sex appealby putting on bustiers and bras as tops under mesh tanks and blazers.Bustiers
Apart from the aforementioned fashion trends another fashion influence of the 80’s was diverse fashion brands. Some of the brands included Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Perry Ellis and Anne Klein amid others. This era was about everything big- big hair to jeans and not to forget tight jeans. 80’s was about both genders trying in being creative. The fashion during this age reflected bold, big prints on apparels and the shades were quite striking. For men parachute pants were very much in and for women miniskirts and shoulder pads were in.

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