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Get it Right with Accessories

Accessorizing your outfit with the right elements can be key in getting an outfit on point. We have put together a handy list highlighting some of the hottest accessories to put together a stylish look.

  • You can never go wrong with a classic pair of sunglasses, such as the RayBans, putting the right dash of style in a casual or a formal ensemble.
  • If there are sunglasses, every wardrobe should consist of a hat, whether it’s a Fedora, the Trilby, or the Panama, the kind of hat with a slight upturned brim, and a wider crown, completes the outfit with the right drop of sophistication and maturity.
  • Style should also be functional, and that is why we recommend ensuring a watch exists in your wardrobe. The classiest selection ought to be a leather band with a metallic colored face of the watch. A watch just spells professionalism, and will have you on check wherever you go.
  • We recommend a dark solid-colored leather wallet with multiple pockets, as we mentioned staying functional is key. Along with the wallet, a card holder to retain all your important business cards can help you feeling organized, and also appearing snazzy.
  • Every wardrobe must consist of at least one power tie, adding statement and sharpness to your ensemble. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to play around with colors and prints, experimenting with your own style factors.
  • Lastly, bags may seem not up your alley, but trust us when you get to take some load off those arms or shoulders, the messenger bag is the right call to style. Strap it across your shoulders and make heads turn, in a good way of course!

 Words: Arushi Dutt

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