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Looking into the past, the ancient greek people have inspired the aspect of clothing. Ancient greek dress was more voluminous then that of the Egyptians, and was most often made of fine woollens. Their array of garments were limited – primarily consisted of chiton, peplos , himation and chlamys. Clothes were usually homemade out of rectangular linen / wool fabric with a bit of cutting and sewing, secured with ornamental pins and clasps, belt or girdle.
These peices of garments were unisex; interchangable between men and women.


CHITON – It was a simple tunic garment made up of lighter linen.It was basically a wide rectangular tube of material secured at the shoulders and upper arm by fasteners. Its length was till the ankle and shorter chiton.

PEPLOS – It is a square piece of cloth worn over the chiton. They were also worn as an alternate form of chiton. Girdle or a belt would be added to finish the look.

HIMATION– it was a basic outer garment worn over peplos. It was made of heavy rectangular material, passing under the left arm covering the right shoulder.

CHLAMYS – they were a seamless rectangle of woolen material worn by military men and hunting purposes. It was worn as cloak and fastened at right shoulder with a brooch / button.

 Words: Tanya Saggi

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