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How Important is it to Love your Job ?

We spend almost one-third of your adult life working a full-time job. Many adults spend the weekend recovering from the week’s travails.

Also, what you do during the remainder of your time depends upon what you do during work? Want a good night’s sleep? You need to pay for an apartment and a temperature control system. Want to be healthy? You need to pay for good, clean food? Want to travel the world? You need money and time. For exercise, you need to have time.

Happy at work

Thus it is extremely important, in order to have a happy life, that you have a happy working life. This means doing a job that keeps you happy while you’re doing it, earns you enough money, and leaves enough time for you to pursue a life outside of work.

Achieving all three is an extremely delicate balance.

Of course, for many individuals, their full-time job becomes their life, especially if they love their job. It consumes every waking moment, leaving space for nothing else. A lot of spiritual teachers ask their students to devote everything to a single ideal, and the life led this way can be extremely fulfilling if the ideal is right. Unfortunately, it often isn’t.

The problem with having no work-life balance is that it leaves little space for personal development. And often, even when personal development which is completely unrelated with your job, like learning a foreign language for a data scientist, improves both your career and your life in intangible ways. For instance, in this case, learning a foreign language will open up a new culture and medium of thought, and that in turn will enrich an individual’s life.

Many people in creative jobs, including many of our former students from fashion designing courses and fashion management courses, talk about how the non-professional aspects of their life improve both the output of their work and their overall satisfaction level of their lives.

So what is the best way to find this balance? It’s a combination of doing what you love, time-management skills and hard-work. Every great philosopher and spiritual gurus have found a place for these three virtues in their philosophy, and with good reason.

So how important is it to love your job? Very important, but not at the cost of other things. Doing what you love helps you be happy while you’re working, time-management skills allow you space outside your professional life, and hard-work will allow you to grow.

Together, the three are unstoppable.

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