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Interior Designing Courses

Do you aspire to become an Interior Designer? Are you fascinated by spaces, shapes, colours and patterns that craft a brick & mortar infrastructure into home, office, restaurant or any other beautiful structure.

Here at VIDM, we work to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and CREATE young and dynamic professionals, who not only study, but get the best practices in order to succeed as a seasoned professional. This is a profession that involves loads of creativity and persistence.

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We have a 1 year, 2 year and 3 year course option for our students.



SEMESTER I – Foundation

Code Module Title
ID-101 Basic Design

(Design Principles, Design Elements, Colour Theory)

ID-102 Material Studies – I (Masonry, Timber, Paints)

(Market Surveys & Visits)

ID-103 Building Construction – I

(Building Structure, Foundations, Walls, Lintels, Arches, Flooring, False Ceiling)

ID-104 Graphic Representation & Orthographic Projections

(Rendering, Sketching, Textures, Perspectives)

ID-105 History of Art & Architecture – I

(Indian Architecture)

ID-106 Design Project

(Art & Craft Projects)

ID-107 Business Communication



Design & Develop various pieces of art & craft using different Mediums & Textures; Survey Reports; Files; Sheets etc.

SEMESTER 2 – Studio Apartment Project

ID-201 Interior Design Studio – I (Studio Apartment)
ID-202 Material Studies – II (Glass, Rubber, Plastic, Adhesives etc) (Market Surveys & Visits)
ID-203 Building Construction – II

(Panelling & Partition, Roof & Roof Coverings, Staircase, Doors & Windows, Cornices & Mouldings)

ID-204 Furniture Design – I

(Standards, 2d & 3d drawings, Cane, Wood, Wraught iron, Glass, Stone)

ID-205 History of Art & Architecture – II

(Roman, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian)

ID-206 CAD-I (Photoshop)
ID-207 Spatial Design

(Anthropometry & Ergonomics)

ID-208 Product Design – Case Studies, Research & Analysis
ID-209 Business Communication (MS Word, Excel, Power Point)



SEMESTER 3- Kitchens & Bathrooms

ID-301 Interior Design Studio –II (Kitchens & Bathrooms)
ID-302 Interior Service Systems – I

(Water Supply, Drainage, Thermal & Sound Insulation, Fire Safety, Air Conditioning)

ID-303 Fixtures, Fittings & Fastenings

(Kitchens, Bathrooms, Furnitures)

ID-304 Furniture Design – II

(Carpentry/ Joints, Cabinets, Design & Development, Economics, Modular Furniture)

ID-305 CAD-II (Sketch UP)
ID-306 Feng Shui
ID-307 Craft Documentation

(Visit to a State & Study its Art & Culture)


SEMESTER 4 – Residential Design

ID-401 Interior Design Studio – III (Complete Residence)
ID-402 Interior Service System – II

(Lifts, Evevators & Escalators, Lighting, Electricals)

ID-403 Signage & Graphics
ID-404 Interior Furnishing

(Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, Curtains, Blinds, Cushion Covers)

ID-405 CAD-III (Auto CAD 2D)
ID-406 Photography
ID-407 Project Management (Primevera)
ID-408 Vastu Shastra


*Design & Develop actual pieces of Furniture in different materials.



SEMESTER – 5 – Retail & Office Design

ID-501 Interior Design Studio – IV (Retail & Office Design)
ID-502 Professional Practice
ID-503 Landscape Design

(visit to gardens like Lodhi Garden & Nurseries etc)

ID-504 Estimation & Budgeting
ID-505 Portfolio Development
ID-506 CAD – IV (3ds Max)

SEMESTER-6 – Restaurant & Bar Design

ID-601 Interior Design Studio – V (Restaurant & Bar Design)
ID-602 CAD – V (Revit Architecture)
ID-603 CAD Comprehensive Project – Final Submission of Choice
ID-604 CAD E-Portfolio
ID-605 Apprenticeship

EXHIBITION/ DISPLAY of the Student’s work.

Design & Develop a 3D Model

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