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Look Good, Travel Better!

Summer time is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get your holiday spirit on! Choosing your dream destination is one part of the preparation, but choosing the right outfits to go along with it matters just as much! We have put together some of your basic fashion essentials, for you to travel in the most stylish yet comfortable way!

  • We recommend grab a hat in multiple colors to keep your head protected from the outdoors, but not just any hat. Odds are you’re bound to hit some groovy cafes for lunch, or hit the party scene during your holiday. So, a Fedora not only has you well shaded, but keeps your style in check.
  • Aviators or Raybans are essential to go along with that stylish headgear on a sunny day.
  • It’s best to pack only light cotton wear to avoid sweltering in the heat during your vacation. We recommend packing some basic white and solid colored tees, that are comfortable, and easy to mix and match with just about anything!
  • As for shorts, plain khaki shorts, light airy harems not only provide comfort, but add a touch of ‘I’m ready to hit the beach’ kind of a cool vibe. We want you to keep your thick jeans, and corporate suits locked up in those closets, and step out feeling free…
  • The right kind of SHOES are key! We couldn’t emphasize this more when we say looking good is one thing, but sporting the right footwear may ‘make or break’ your travels. Stick to basic sneakers or hiking boots if there’s a whole lot of walking. If you want to jazz it up a bit to hit the night scenes in Thailand, Mauritius, or Jamaica for that matter, play it up with moccasins, or slip on loafers. For a stroll through the beaches or parks, open-aired sandals are the best for a comfortable grip.
  • Last but not least, we ask you to avoid backpacks…they can be a bit tacky lugging around, and can be quite the burden (quite literally). Stick to shoulder bags, or satchels. They help in reducing strain on your back, while having you also look super trendy and cool!

With all these style tips, you’re gonna be looking so good in your next travel adventure! Stay safe, have fun, and look stylish!

Words: Arushi Dutt

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