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The 10 most Ridiculous Fashion Trends Ever

1) Sagging Pants

Not cool guys

Seriously, how can anybody think they would look good or cool while doing this?

Guys, there isn’t a fine line, but an actual wall between low-hanging comfortable jeans and indecent exposure. Just ask the residents of New Jersey, where this has actually been banned.

Note- This fashion trend actually began in prison. Inmates would wear their trousers low to signal to other inmates that they were ‘available’.

Think about that the next time you wear your jeans too low.

2) Guys Wearing Uggs

Is he really jogging with those on

Ever seen anybody pay a huge amount of money to actually look silly? These guys

3) Bullet Bras

Talk about dangerous women

Just because Madonna can pull it off, doesn’t mean you can

Source: Fashion

4) Girls Shaving off Half their Heads


Game of Thrones Star Natalie Dormer is beautiful, and even she looks ridiculous with this one. Ladies, you’re better of leaving this one alone.

5) Leggings as Trousers

It’s not a substitute for trousers

We’re very appreciative of how many ladies manage to take on outlandish and seemingly silly garments and then pull them off with aplomb.

This, however, is one piece of clothing where it just can be done. Ever.

6) One-shouldered, Dungaree shorts

Not sure what he was thinking

People shouldn’t try to copy what celebrities are wearing without considered thought. (Definitely not if you’re a guy and the celebrity in question is a girl )

7) Parachute Pants

What is the kid thinking?


Somethings only look good when you are preforming on stage. Maybe not even then.


8) Fake Braces

Funky braces

This is not a type. Braces, something that in our childhood was synonymous with awkwardness, is actually popular as a fashion trend in parts of South East Asia.


Why having a metal wire running around your teeth is considered beautiful or cool is beyond us. (This article says that it might be because dental care is considered an expensive luxury in these countries)

9) Pointy Boots

Pointy Shoes

No, these are not performers in a circus. These are just young people in Mexico looking chic.

10) Flankles


So glad that we’ve finally caught on to the beauty of the ankle!

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