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“The fashion coterie is looking beyond the stereotypical skinny image.”

Flipping through the pages of fashion magazines or watching the fashion shows, does the thought of the so called “perfect figure” bewilder you? Do you often find yourself standing on the periphery of the whole fashion industry because you’re a size 14? Fear no more! Eschew all the worries because it’s time to embrace the ‘real you’.

Plus Size Mania


The discussion of plus-size models and the insanely thin model have been around for quite sometime now and the debate will definitely remain. In a country where an average woman is size 12, it is nugatory to extol zero figures. Albeit the fact that media glorifies thin body type, there are designers, bloggers and feminists, from different part of the world, who are taking a firm stand against the stereotypical grossly thin bodies. Haven’t you witnessed the revolution created by the ‘curvy’ hashtag on Instagram? Plus Size models are stepping out of the borderline and presiding over the fashion shows.

Women come in all sizes. Seventy percent of women in the United States are a size 14 or above, and that’s technically ‘plus-size,’ so you’re taking your biggest category of people and telling them, ‘You’re not really worthy.”, Melissa McCarthy, Fashion Designer.

Designers are embracing the plus-size body figure and crafting the clothes accordingly. No need to perturb yourself anymore. International Brands such as ASOS, Forever 21+, H&M incorporates sexy, sophisticated and stylish collection for women on the heavier side. Indian brands such as lastinch, Pluss, Alto Moda are also striving to manifest exquisite plus size collection.

So all the pretty curvy girl out there, just don’t pay heed to everyone saying “this won’t look good on you’. Instead, wear anything you want. Want to look like a diva for a party? Clothe yourself in that A line black skirt which though would make you look large. You have a casual outing with friends? Wear that pretty crop top and accentuate the curves you have got. Remember; don’t let the media dissuade you. Big is Beautiful, ultra Beautiful!



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