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This is One of the Most Overlooked Parts of Interior Design

Through years of experience with running an interior designing institute in Delhi, we’ve often interacted with people looking to touch up their home. Even without having done an interior designing course in Delhi or elsewhere, most homeowners are quite opinionated about what they want their houses to look like. While many of them have good taste, they often tend to overlook important aspect (one of the disadvantages of not having done a systematic interior designing course). And one of the most overlooked parts is- Lighting.

Light is usually thought as a means of illumination. However, it has the power to completely define space.

Interior design enthusiasts in Delhi and elsewhere tend to use stylish lamps and chandeliers as decorative pieces, but the room still often ends up looking flat.

Lighting must be soon as a tool, and not just a fixture of interior design.

Here are important things to keep in mind while designing the lighting of a room:

1) Functionality

An office space or study room should be full of bright white light, not only for easy reading but also because psychologically it would make the person feel bright and energetic. Similarly, a room meant for entertainment can house some softer light, to allow for a more relaxed environment.

A bright study room


2) Colour

The colour of each particular room is complemented by its lighting. Light can further accentuate or soften the colour depending upon how it is used.

3) Focus

Like furniture (as explained in a previous post), Lighting can be used to drive attention to certain parts of the room. This effect is used most notably in art displays.

Illuminating a space


4) Space

Have you ever noticed that a dark room often feels cramped? When used smartly, light (especially natural light) creates the illusion of a large, airy room.


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