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What is Recycled Fashion?

Elaborate forms of Ethical fashion

Millions of tons of textiles are produced every year, a number that increases every year. A significant percentage of the clothes produced from these textiles are thrown away, with the average American disposing of 65 pounds of clothing per year. Not only are some of these clothes perfectly usable, but textile is an extremely recyclable substance.

Recycled fashion, or eco fashion, re-works discarded material to useful uses.

What is the need for recycled fashion?

To produce the millions of tons of textile, raw materials are sourced from animals from animals (silk, wool and fur), plants (cotton and bamboo) and chemicals (nylon and polyester), but each source comes with its own set of problems. Animal right groups have been protesting for years against the brutal exploitation of animals for profit, while the shortage of agricultural land and the water-guzzling properties of cotton is putting pressure on the fashion industry to find other sources of raw materials. Synthetic textiles, on the other hand, are a major contributor to environmental pollution.

How do we recycle fashion?

According to the ethical fashion forum, there are three ways of recycling fashion:

  1. Fabric from recycled fibers or products: Like recycled polyester made from used drinking bottles or fabrics made from recycled yarns.
  2. Recycling textile fabric: Also known as “Upcycling”, it involves using unwanted factory surpluses, offcuts or other waste materials.
  3. Clothing: taking second-hand clothing and re-fashioning or repairing it so it is given a second life, and a second owner.

Extent of eco-fashion

Recylced Denim

The concept has now entered the mainstream. In fact students entering fashion designing courses and fashion management courses are increasingly including eco fashion in their curriculum, which is wonderful news. As the world gets closer and closer to environmental disaster, t’s important that the next generation of workers grow up understanding the importance and the methodology of ‘sustainibility’.

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