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Why it is Important to have the Right Curtains in your Room?

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

The above quote is also true for interior design. Great interior design means, quite simply, that you enjoy the experience of living somewhere! Thus functionality becomes as important as aesthetics.

A big house is likely to lack space if it has poor interior design. On the other hand, with the right interiors, even a small house will look spacious and big in addition to being functional and elegant. With an appropriate placement of furniture and other interior decor items it is possible in making an abode that looks eye-catching. Here the trick lies in decorating a house in a way that it reflects its true essence.

The importance of curtains

The functional role of a curtain are obvious- privacy, and regulating the amount of light that enters a room. it also acts as an energy saver because it helps to cool a room. But like every facet of interior design, curtains too play their role in the aesthetics of a room as a whole and the home’s underlying composition in general. It offers the right ambience to a room- after a tiring and hectic day when one returns home they definitely want to feel the comfort and warmth. The colour of the room can be aligned with the curtains to offer a soothing effect.

Curtains for Bedrooms

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Using curtains is a must both for homes and offices. Along with being an essential component of home decoration it has also turned into a style statement. In fact while selecting a curtain, interior designers take ample time when it comes to selecting the right designs and colour schemes. That might be trickier than it looks. Each room has its own functionality and aura, and as such, the choice of curtains could vary but also must fit in the overall aesthetic theme of the house.

Insert Picture-Curtains for Dining Rooms

Image Source

Ultimately, a curtain acts as the reflection of a home owner’s taste thereby adding meaning and feelings to a room. Not only this it will also smarten a room and also make it friendly and comfortable with enhanced privacy.

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