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Women’s Trends That Men are Taking over in 2016!

You know when they say: But, that’s what a woman would wear! That could sound a bit demeaning at times, but believe it or not, there are a few women’s fashion trends that are hitting the headlines as far as men’s fashion is concerned. According to several elite fashion weeks across Milan, London, and Paris, we’ve managed to highlight some similar trends blurring gender boundaries.

Animal Prints

This iconic trend has managed to turn heads, always giving a very funky and bold vibe to any personality. You won’t believe it when we say that the men’s runway experimented with this trend through jackets, scarves, and even some tees.

Crushed Velvet

Giving that ultimate smooth and refined grace to an outfit, we can see anyone carrying velvet with elegance. And that’s why this is another eye-catcher on both the men’s and women’s fashion books. We see a lot of suit and ties, and some embroidered jackets this time around for men to have fun with.


When has monochrome ever missed a beat? Solid tones across the entire ensemble might sound a bit boring, but has definitely topped the fashion charts for both men and women. We see men getting funky with colors you might call feminine, but the pinks, yellows, greens, and pastel blues suits, jumpsuits, and blazers have been splashed across runways.

Band Jackets

Now, we last saw Queen B making the ultimate statement with her power-packed Superbowl performance, sporting the gold and black military jacket. We agree she really had it going for her with this HOT ensemble. And now, men can strut their stuff too in these band jackets, usually in black, or navy blue, embellished in fine detailing.


A fashion staple to any outfit is your belts, perfect to cuff around your waist or hips, adding that extra spunk. When it comes to plain dresses, cardigans, or even jumpsuits, women like to accessorize with the belt. Now, it’s slowly shifting over as a style staple to the men’s fashion world. Keep your outfit on point with this basic essential.

Words: Arushi Dutt

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