Best Pre-Med Schools in California

With hundreds of colleges offering M.D., O.D. degrees and various other allopathic or osteopathic courses in the US alone, it is not uncommon for an aspirational student to get caught up with these choices. Choosing a med school is a vital decision that will shape your career and decide the type of research and growth opportunities you will find throughout the duration of your study. Especially in the field of biology and general medicine, hands-on experience is extremely necessary. Here are lists of the best pre-med schools in California to help you with your research and enable you to make a well-informed decision:

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Stanford University

Stanford is a household name when it comes to private education. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is one of the most elite institutions that provide pre-medical courses. With a very low acceptance rate of 5% and high standardised test score requirements, it may not be easy to get into this prestigious university. Stanford brags of the highest college rankings and a average income of $71,800 for their alumni. Ranging from $16,000-$32,000 this college may prove to be heavy on the pocket. Fortunately, Stanford provides financial aid and scholarships based on merit and other valid factors. With a little bit of research, it could prove to be an ideal option.

Pomona College

A relatively smaller private college with an annual intake of about 1,700 students, Pomona College is an elite university based in Claremont, Los Angeles. Don’t let its size influence your decision as Pomona is an elite institution with an acceptance rate of only 8%. A campus high on discipline and work ethics, alumni are ready to face professional life and deal with any circumstances that may come at them. With a mean fee of about $18,000 PA, students can consider it as a great option for private education. 93% of biology majors graduate from Pomona with an average annual income of about $51,000. A high-end small college in California, this may be great for students looking to stay close to home, yet have a great college life.

The list above was about the best pre-med school in California although there are a lot of other options in California itself! Make sure you do your research and apply to colleges that suit your requirements. Always remember, there is a college for everybody.

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